Bass and Panfish Fishing Fly Patterns

Fishing Fly Patterns for Bass, Pan Fish, and Shad tend to be larger, bulkier and more colorful than other freshwater flies with the possible exception of Steelhead flies which also tend to be large and colorful.

Most of the patterns imitate the things that are found in bass waters for fish to eat. Things like small fish, leeches, large bugs, frogs, moths, and the odd mouse thrown in for good measure.

The fishing fly patterens used for Bass can also be used to catch Pike, Perch, Walleye, Sauger, and Burbot.

Some of the Bass and Panfish Fishing Fly Patterns are;

Black Ann Red Bass Bug Black Buster
Black Hairwater Pup Black/Yellow Deer Hair Bug
Canary Bass Bug Chamois Leech
Cottonmouth Snakey Crayfish
Dilg Slider Diving Bug
Diving Minnow Eelworm
Flash Dancer Foam Spider
Frog Bass Bug Fuzzabou Shad
Gerbubble Bug Gray Lucky Leech
Green Shad Fly Hairwater Grub
Hare Worm Kevin’s Mouse
Lectric Leech Match the Minnow
Moth Mouserat
Natural/White Deer Hair Bug Olive Hairwater Pup
Orange Shad Fly Perch Streamer
Purple Jig-A-Bugger Purple Lucky Leech
Rabbit Strip Diver Rubber Legs
Spent Damsel Dragon Umpqua Swimming Baitfish
Umpqua Swimming Frog Umpqua Swimming Waterdog
White Bass Bugger Wiggle Legs Frog
Yellow Bass Bugger