Caddis Dry Fishing Fly Patterns

Caddis Flies are also called Sedge Flies and are considered by some to be even more important to fly fishermen than the Mayfly. Varying is size from Microscopic to the size of your thumb, this fly has Four stages of life; egg, larva, pupa, adult. Most of their life is spent in the larva stage, which lasts as long as a year.

The Pupa will crawl up onto rocks, branches, or the shore and emerge as an Adult Fly. Most Caddis Flies only live for a few days but because they have the ability to feed and drink they can live for several days or even several weeks.

The Adults emerge in swarms as opposed to individually. This ensures that they will be able to mate as soon as they emerge. After mating the female will deposit her eggs on the surface of the water or will crawl under the water and deposit the eggs on the rocks and vegetation under the water.

In most cases the Caddis Fly will complete its life cycle in about a year, but in some areas will go into a super hibernation phase in its Larval stage or egg stage and will take a somewhat longer period to complete its life cycle. In some species the female deposits her eggs on vegetation on the shore, and the eggs will not hatch until there is rain. In many cases the female will be swept away by the current after laying her eggs on the surface, providing a handy snack for any local trout looking for food.
The best time for the fisherman to take advantage of the Caddis Fly hatch is in the late Spring or Summer. In some streams there is another hatch in the late Fall.

Some Caddis Fishing Fly Patterns Include:

Arctopsyche Grandis Black CDC Adult Caddis
Black Elk Hair Caddis Black Fluttering Caddis
Brown Slow Water Caddis Caddis Tail Fly
Canadian Sedge Clarke’s Deer Hair Caddis
Colorado King Co’s Caddis
Cream Saco Caddis Dancing Caddis
Dark Caddis Deer Hair Caddis
Delta Caddis Delta Wing Caddis
Deschutes Caddis Dun Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis Flat Wing Caddis
Ginger Fluttering Caddis Goddards Caddis
Gray Caddis Gray Caddis Cripple
Gray Elk Caddis Hairwing Caddis
Hemmingway Caddis Henryville Special
Kings River Caddis Micro Suspender Caddis
Mitch’s Sedge Olive CDC Adult Caddis
Olive Elk Hair Caddis Olive Slow Water Caddis
Olive Sparkle Caddis Orange Bucktail Caddis
Oregon Orange Caddis Parachute Caddis
Parachute Caddis Buck Parkany Deer Hair Caddis
Peacock Caddis Penobscot Caddis
PM Caddis Poly Caddis
Salmon Candy No. 4 Skittering Caddis
Spent Partridge Caddis Stillborn Elk Caddis
Summer Caddis Tan CDC Adult Caddis
Tan Elk Hair Caddis Tan Sparkle Caddis
Tent-Wing Caddis Traveling Sedge
Vincent Sedge Wharry Caddis
Woodchuck Caddis Yellow Bucktail Caddis