Caddis Larva and Pupa Flies

Caddis Wet Fly Patterns

Caddis wet flies are very important to fly fishermen. Caddis flies are almost as prevalent as the Mayfly and account for a large portion of the trout’s diet. Caddis Fly Emerger patterns imitate the Larva and Pupa phases of the Caddis fly. Caddis Flies are also a good indicator of Pollution as they will not live in polluted water.

The Caddis Fly Larva are divided into several different groups, each group having different characteristics.

The first group is the Free Living Caddis. This group hangs around under water, clinging to rocks and vegetation, and eating algae. This group only builds a shelter in the last stages as a larva if at all.

The next group of Caddis Fly Larva is the Saddle Case Caddis. This group builds dome shaped cases that completely covers them. As they grow, the case is discarded and they build a new one to fit.

The next group of Caddis Fly Larva is the Net Spinning Caddis. This group builds a house out of local material and then spins a web of fine silk to catch food.

The next group of Caddis Fly Larva is the Tube Case Caddis. This group builds portable cases, and if they are disturbed, they will move, using the current to take them to a new location.

The last group of Caddis Fly Larva is the Purse Cased Caddis. This group builds a shelter of fine silk and sand.

In the Larva stage, the Caddis Fly is a very poor swimmer. In the Pupa stage the Caddis Fly becomes very active and leaves it’s shelter. It is then swept away in the current sometimes in great numbers or swims to the surface.

In the Pupa stage the Caddis fly is a very good swimmer and sometimes swims long distances. Some species of Caddis Pupa will crawl up onto rocks, branches, or the shore and emerge as an Adult Caddis Fly, other species will emerge from their cocoon in the water, and will emerge as adults.

Some of the Emerger Caddis Fly Patterns you should carry in your fly box include;

The Caddis Pupa fly Patterns are especially effective when fish are seeing Caddis Pupas underwater. These patterns are very effective when fishing lakes.

Olive Caddis Pupa Emerger Partridge
Cream Caddis Pupa Z Wing
Green Caddis

These patterns imitate a Caddis Pupa that has formed an air bubble so that it can float to the surface.

Brown Deep Sparkle Pupa Green Deep Sparkle Pupa
Olive Deep Sparkle Pupa Tan Deep Sparkle Pupa

These patterns are great fish producers when fished just before the evening hatch, as the emergers are moving towards the surface of the water.

Olive Flashback Caddis Pupa Tan Flashback Caddis Pupa

These patterns are tied to have a lifelike Caddis Profile. These are the patterns to use when there are Caddis flies on the water.

Peeking Caddis Pupa Chartreuse Reversed Colors Peeking Caddis Pupa Yellow Reversed Colors

Trout in any waters seem to love the bugginess of this group of flies;

Black Serendipity Bead Head Olive Serendipity Bead Head
Orange Serendipity Bead Head Red Serendipity Bead Head
Midge Green Serendipity Bead Head Tan Serendipity Bead Head
Black Serendipity Lime Serendipity
Olive Serendipity< Orange Serendipity
Red Serendipity Tan Serendipity

This group of flies is perfect for when the Caddis Flies are hatching. These patterns imitate the emerging Caddis fly as it rises to the surface.

Black Sparkle Pupa Emerger Brown Sparkle Pupa Emerger
Green Sparkle Pupa Emerger Olive Sparkle Pupa Emerger
Tan Sparkle Pupa Emerger

Some additional Caddis wet fly patterns you will want to carry in your fly box include;

American Grannom Bright Green Diving Caddis
Brown Dredgebug Buckskin Caddis
Caddis Filo Pupa Cased Caddis
Cinnamon Sedge Pupa Colorado Caddis
Cream Caddis Midge Nymph Dark Caddis Emergent
Depth Ray Caddis Dicosmoecus Cased Caddis
Drifting Cased Caddis Flashabou Caddis
Floating Caddis Pupa Gill-Ribbed Larva
Ginger Deep Sparkle Pupa Ginger Emergent Sparkle Pupa
Gray Deep Sparkle Pupa Gray Diving Caddis
Gray Dredgebug Gray Emergent Sparkle Pupa
Green CDC Caddis Emerger Green Emergent Sparkle Pupa
Herl Nymph Krystal Flash Diving Caddis
Krystal Flash Green Rock Worm Krystal Flash Pupa
Lafontaine Cased Caddis Lafontaine’s Caddis Larva
Latex Caddis Light Caddis Emergent
Little Gray Caddis Little Green Caddis Pupa
Little Green Rock Worm Medium Cased Caddis
Muskrat Olive Caddis Midge Nymph
Olive CDC Caddis Emerger Olive Randall’s Caddis
Orange Tied Down Caddis Peacock Larva
Peeking Caddis Rhyacophila Caddis
Salmon Candy No 1 Salmon Candy No 2
Salmon Candy No 3 Skimming Caddis
Skunk Hair Caddis Solomon’s Caddis Pupa
Speckled Sedge SRI Caddis Larva
SRI Caddis Pupa Strawman
Swannundaze Caddis Tan Diving Caddis
Tan Randall’s Caddis Tied Down Caddis
Translucent Caddis Pupa Trueblood’s Caddis
White Larva Yellow Tied Down Caddis