Cossaboom Salmon Fly Pattern


The Cosseboom Salmon Fly Pattern is tied on TMC, Mustad, Saber, Daiichi, Tiemco, or Orvis hooks usually in sizes 2-10 using Red 6/0 pre waxed thread. This fly pattern is tied with a tag of flat silver tinsel, a tail of medium olive floss, and a rib of flat silver tinsel. The body of this fly is tied using medium olive floss, the wing is tied of gray squirrel tail and it is finished off with a lemon yellow hackle. Cossaboom – Fly
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Cosseboom Fishing Fly
Where to Fish This Fly

This fly pattern was originally tied to entice Atlantic Salmon, but that doesnt mean that it wont work elsewhere or for other species. The Atlantic Salmon fly patterns tend to be darker than the pacific fly patterns, but this pattern may be the perfect choice for Coho Salmon on the West coast, or on the Great Lakes.

Tie This Fly

If you would like to tie this fly, you will need some tools and some materials. You can get all of the tools you will need from our friends at River Bum

To tie this fly, you will also need the following materials;

Hooks size 4-12
Black 6/0 pre waxed thread
Fine flat silver tinsel
Golden pheasant crest
Oval silver tinsel
Black floss
Silver doctor blue hackle fibers
Bronze mallard flank fibers
Teal flank fibers
Jungle cock eyes

You can get these materials from our friends at Bass Pro Shops. or from our friends at Orvis.

If you are not sure you have the skills to tie this fly, this link will help you get the skills and confidence you need to become an excellent fly tier. Our friends also carry a great selection of excellent books that will help you tie all of your favorite fly patterns, and introduce you to some new ones.