Damsels, Dragons, Leeches and Bugger Fishing Fly Patterns

Damselflies and Dragonflies are very similar. The main differences are that Dragonflies are larger and cannot fold their wings over their back. Damsel flies are smaller and can fold their wings over their backs when they are at rest

Both Damsels and Dragons lay their eggs in the water, or in the trees surrounding lakes and streams.

Both Damsels and Dragons have an incomplete life cycle with the nymph stage being aquatic. The adult and nymphs of both of these insects are carnivorous, feeding on other insects and other small underwater creatures.

There are three types of Crustaceans in our freshwater. The three types are Copepods, Ostracods and Water fleas.

The first group, the Copepods are said to be the most numerous creatures on earth. There are said to be some of the most important sources of food to the fish of the earth. The Ostracods have very hard shells and are used to date prehistoric fossils. The Water Fleas are larger than the other two creatures and are a major component of the zooplankton that fish feed on.

Freshwater Leeches are found in lakes and ponds. They attach themselves to fish, turtles, humans and other mammals that go in the water where they are found. They detect their prey by their movement in the water and are excellent swimmers. Also known as freshwater shrimp they make excellent fish food.

All of the Fishing Fly Patterns in this Category imitate some sort of food that the fish are looking for or are an attractant or irritant to the fish. Either way they are all important patterns to carry when we are fishing.

Some Fishing Fly Patterns included in this group are;

Assam Dragon Atchison’s Damsel
Bighorn Scud Black Filoplume Leech
Black Mini Leech Black Rabbit Leech
Black Woolly Bugger Black Woolly Leech
Blood Sucker Blue Damsel
Blue Parachute Damsel Braided Butt Damsel
Brown Filoplume Dragon Brown Filoplume Leech
Brown Floating Dragon Brown Woolly Bugger
Clauser’s Crayfish Corixid
Damsel Fly Nymph Doug’s Damsel
Don King Eyed Damsel
Egg Sucking Leech Flash Marabou Leech
Filoplume Damsel Flesh Fly
Flashy Bugger Fuzzy Brown Leech
Gammarus-Hyalella Scud Tan Giant Damsel
Gierach Dragon Girdle Bugger
Janssen’s Damsel Jim’s Damsel
Lake Dragon Lead Eyed Egg Leech
Marabou Damsel Marabou Leech
Maroon Crystal Bugger Maroon Rabbit Leech
Maroon Slight Leech Miss Take
Mountain Damsel Nyerges Nymph
Olive Damsel Olive Filoplume Damsel
Olive Floating Dragon Olive Gammarus-Hyalella Scud
Olive Mini Leech Olive Parachute Damsel
Olive Slight Leech Olive Woolly Bugger
Ostrich Damsel Ostrich Scud
Peacock Dragon Peacock Woolly Bugger
Pheasant Rump Pink Shrimp
Pollywog Red Head
Red Jig A Bugger Red Leech
Red Mini Leech SRI Marabou Damsel
Swimming Damsel Trueblood’s Otter
Water Boatman Weedless Woolly Bugger
White Jig a Bugger Whit’s Damsel
Whit’s Dragon Nymph Wingcase Damsel