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Do You Carry A Knife?

Why Carry a Knife?

People have been carrying knives since the beginning of time. The first knives were actually just sticks sharpened at the end and along one or two edges by running the stick on a rock and hardening it in a fire. These crude knives were used for protection from wild carnivours, and hostile neighbors. 

These knives didn’t work very well by todays standards but they were the only way to go and everyone had to have one. Some folks even carried several wooden blades of different sizes and used for different tasks.  These blades didn’t last very long so it was a good idea to carry a backup. 

As time went by humans figured out how to fashion knives out of stone and the skill of stone knapping became the trade to have. A stone knapper would take shale stone and make knives, scrappers, arrow heads and spear points. When humans discovered metals the art of knife making exploded. 

It used to be that almost every male over the age of 3 carried a knife of some kind. Now in an age when it is frowned upon to carry any kind or size of knife on one’s person, we have more variety of knives than anytime in history. Now that most people have no reason to carry a knife for protection, we have new knives for protection being designed every year. 

The new knife designs come in many new materials like Brass alloy, Ceramic and many different types of steal, that have been developed just to make knives. Even the skill of flint knapping has been revived and people are making cutting tools and arrow heads the old way. 

No matter what your  budget is or what task you need to do, there is now a knife to do it. From a daily carry multi purpose Swiss Army knife or Leatherman, to a fine hunting knife made in Solingen Germany or the Buck knife factory in the US, to a cheap knife made in China, there is a knife available to do the job. All you have to do is pick the design and put down your money. 

Go out today and buy yourself a knife. It doesn’t matter what you pay for it. Put it in your pocket and take it out once in awhile. Open the blades, learn how to properly sharpen it and keep it sharp. Find a piece of wood and carve something even if it is just shavings. After awhile you will find so many uses for your knife you won’t want to ever be without it. In fact you will likely want to go out and buy more knives and find an excuse to use them. 

And make sure not to cut yourself or harm anyone else with your knife. 

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