Cosseboom Fishing Fly

Salmon Fishing Flies

The Fishing Fly Patterns that are used to catch Salmon are either tied to match baitfish that the Salmon eat or they are large colorful creations that the Salmon attack in Fresh water.

When fished off the coast in saltwater the Patterns imitate such baitfish as smelt, herring, and other small fish that live in the coastal regions.

When the Salmon enter the Freshwater they are on their way to spawn and no longer feed. The patterns then turn to bright colors like orange, green, red, yellow.

These patterns are mostly wet patterns that are sparsely tied so that they sink fast.

Some of the patterns that are used to catch Salmon include:

Teeny Nymph Ginger Midnight
Halfstone Black Bear Green Butt
Black Fairy Night Hawk
Green Peacok Orange Blossom
Roger’s Fancy Cosseboom
Fiery Brown Laxa Blue
Rusty Rat Jeannie
Thunder And Lightning Blue Charm
March Brown Silver Blue
Silver Downeaster Logie
Haggis Undertaker
White Wulff Wulff Skater
Buck Bug Bomber
Kate Salmon Irresistible
Butterfly Pass Lake
Abe Munn Killer MacIntosh
Lady Caroline Jock Scott
Akroyd Purple King
Grey Heron Carron
Gold Riach Gordon
Butcher General Practitioner
Flash Fly Salmon Creek Special
Orange Boss Bright Roe
Black Marabou Bristol Bay Matuka
Comet Black Boss
Greenhead Wiggletail
Spade Denali
Cohoe Golden Lambuth Candlefish
Candlefish Fly Green Wienie
Schaadt Egg Sac Pink Passion
Flashy Lady Cohoe Blue
Flashabou Euphausid Green Amphipod
Ackerland Humpy Fly King’s Shrimp
Orange Shrimp Blue Comet
Glo Bug Orange Glo Bug Pink
Russian River Coho Fly Popsicle
Green Alaskabou Blackjack
Pixies Revenge Dredger
Alaskan Polar Shrimp Fire Cracker
Christmas Tree