Hunting Courses

Hunting Courses

We are in the business of helping people become better hunters. We have over 50 years of hunting experience in several different regions of North America. Whether you have been hunting for many years or have just started to think of becoming a hunter we have the information you need to put more game in freezer.

Don’t worry you’ve got this. It is in your Genes. You were born to be a Hunter.

There are of course many different species to hunt in all of the different areas of the world. Some species are only available to us if we travel long distances. When we travel a successful hunt becomes more important to us. We have the information that will make every hunt you go on more successful.

For that reason we have separated our hunting information into small portions. Most people fail to get any benefit from an online course. Our goal is to make you a more successful course not fail the course.

We offer you the following Courses;

Module 1, Why Do We Hunt

Module 2, Whitetail Deer Hunting

Module 3, Mule Deer Hunting

Module 4, Blacktail Deer Hunting

Module 5, Elk Hunting

Module 6, Moose Hunting

Module 7, Rocky Mountain Sheep

Module 8, Mountain Goat

Module 9, Woodland Caribou

Module 10, Barren Ground Caribou

Module 11, Wild Boar Hunting

Module 12, Upland Game Bird Hunting

Module 13, Migratory Game Bird Hunting

Module 14, Small Game Hunting

Module 15, Hunting Rifles

Module 16, Hunting Knives

Module 17, Camping Gear

Module 18, Survival Gear

Module 19, Hunting Transportation

Module 20 Edible Plants

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