Mayfly Dry Flies

The Mayfly dry fly patterns are some of the important fly patterns in the world for fly fishermen. With over 2500 varieties of Mayflies, most of the modern Dry Fishing Fly Patterns are tied to imitate some sort of Mayfly.

Watch for these insects on the water where ever you fish, they have upright wings and are highly visible.

On hot days you will most likely see them in the morning, or in the evening when it cools off.

On cooler days you will see them in the early afternoon or in the evening. Some of the best hatches will be seen on overcast days almost at anytime of the day. On streams that are open all year there will generally be some sort of Mayfly hatch in every month of the year.

Mayfly Dry Fly Patterns emulate the two adult phases of the Mayfly. The two phases are the Dun Phase and the Spinner stage. The mayfly emerges from the water in the Dun phase. This phase will last 1 to 4 days, then the Mayfly will change into the Spinner stage. It is the Spinner stage where mating takes place.

The male spinners will form a swarm, the female flies into the swarm and is caught by one of the males. Mating takes place, the female deposits her eggs on the surface of the water or crawls under the water and deposits her eggs on the bottom. After the female deposits her eggs she falls or drifts to the surface of the water. In the spinner stage of life the Mayfly has no mouth, and cannot eat. This phase of life only lasts about a day. Wherever you live and fish you should carry some Mayfly dry fly patterns in you fly box. The Mayfly patterns are separated into several different categories as follows.

There are the Blue Wing Olive Mayfly dry fly patterns;

Blue Winged Olive Bunny Blue Winged Olive
Comparadun Slate/Olive Blue Winged Olive Cripple
Blue Winged Olive Sparkle Dun Baetis
Blue Winged Olive Comparadun Baetis Blue Winged Olive Sparkle Dun Baetis/Olive
Blue Winged Olive Sparkle Dun Slate/Olive Blue Winged Olive Spinner Foam
Blue Winged Olive, Spinner Hen Wing Blue Winged Olive Spinner Xelon
Blue Winged Olive Thorax Blue Winged Olive Thorax Med Dun Wing
Blue Winged Olive Traditional Blue Winged Olive Tube
Blue Winged Olive Vis-A-Dun Blue Winged Olive Zelon Cripple

There are also a few parachute flies in this category.

Blue Winged Olive Parachute Blue Winged Olive Parachute Dun Post

The next category of patterns is the Callibaetis group of Mayfly dry fly patterns. They include;

Callibaetis CDC Callibaetis Comparadun
Callibaetis Dun Sparkle Callibaetis Dun Thorax
Callibaetis Spinner Foam Callibaetis Spinner Xelon
Light Cahill

In this category there also a few parachute flies including;

Parachute Hares Ear Olive Callibaetis Parachute
Callibaetis Parachute Partridge Post Hendrickson Parachute

Another important category of Mayfly dry fly patterns that you should consider are the Gray Drake patterns. Some of these include;

Gray Drake Comparadun Gray Drake Cripple
Gray Drake Dun Thorax Gray Drake Sparkle Dun

The parachute patterns in this group are;

Gray Drake Parachute Gray Drake Paradrake

There is also a Green Drake category of Mayflies. Some of the patterns in this are;

Green Drake Comparadun Green Drake Cripple
Green Drake Sparkle Dun Green Drake Thorax
Green Drake Wulff

The parachute patterns in this group include;

Green Drake Parachute Green Drake Paradrake

The next category of Mayfly patterns is the Mahogany category. Some of the fly patterns in this category include;

Mahogany CDC Mahogany Spinner Foam
Mahogany Comparadun Mahogany Dun Sparkle
Mahogany Dun Thorax

The parachute patterns are represented by the Mahogany Parachute.

Another category of Mayfly patterns is the Pale Morning Dun Patterns. In this category there is;

Light Cahill Marabou Cripple Limestone
Pale Morning Dun Comparadun Cream Pale Morning Dun Pale Morning Dun Bunny
Pale Morning Dun CDC Pale Morning Dun Comparadun Pale Yellow
Pale Morning Dun Sparkle Dun Cream/Cream Pale Morning Dun Sparkle Dun Pale Yellow/Brown
Pale Morning Dun Thorax Pale Morning Dun Traditional
Pale Morning Dun Tube Polywing Spinner Cream
Rusty Spinner Xelon Wing
Rusty Spinner Foam Rusty Spinner Hen Wing
Zelon Cripple

Some of the Parachute patterns in this group include;

Hendrickson Parachute Pale Morning Dun Parachute
Pink Albert Parachute

The last but equally important group of Mayfly patterns is the Trico flies. This group of flies includes;

Trico Spinner Foam Female Trico Spinner Xelon Female
Trico Spinner Xelon Male Trico Thorax
Trico Parachute