Mayfly Nymph Fishing Fly Patterns

Mayfly Nymph Fishing Fly Patterns imitate the Nymph stage of the Mayfly’s life cycle. Mayfly Nymphs are the underwater stage of the May Fly. They are found pretty much all over the world and are a favorite food of fish. Some say Mayflies make up 60% of a fishes diet.

Mayfly Nymphs will be found in fast moving water, in shady spots.

They will be found clinging to rocks and sand, burrowed into the stream bed, swimming, or crawling along the bottom.

Mayfly Nymphs are very sensitive to pollution and will not be found in polluted waters.

There is a group of fly fishermen that feel that fishing Nymphs is below them.

There is also a group of fishermen that only fish Nymphs and say that it is the best way to catch fish. Try it out, there are no real rules to fly fishing. Try what works. All of the Nymph pattern fishing flies are not being tied for decoration. They really do catch fish.

Some of the Mayfly Nymph Fly Patterns include;

A. P. Beaver Nymph A.P. Olive Nymph
A.P. Peacock and Pheasant Nymph American March Brown
Baetis Nymph Big Yellow May
Black Drake Black Filoplume Mayfly
Black Kaufmann’s Hare’s Ear Black Mayfly Nymph
Black Quill Black’s Lite Brite Hare’s Ear
Blue Quill Nymph Blue Wing Olive
Blue Wing Olive CDC Emerger Blue Wing Olive CDC Floating Nymph
Brown Drake Nymph Brown Filoplume Mayfly
Brown Floating Nymph Brown Kaufmann’s Hare’s Ear
BWO Trailing Shuck Dun Caenis Nymph
Callibaetis Nymph Cate’s Turkey
Catskill Canadensis Catskill Hendrickson
Catskill March Brown CDC BWO Floating Nymph/Emerger
CDC Callibaetis Floating Nymph/Emerger CDC PMD Floating Emerger Nymph
CDC Trico Floating Nymph/Emerger Dark Leptophlebia Nymph
Elk Wing Emerger Feather Duster
Flashabou Nymph Genie May
Green Drake CDC Emerger Green Drake Emerger
Harrop Captive Dun Harrop Green Drake Emerger
Harrop Surface Emerger Ida May
Janssen’s Emerging Callibaetis Krystal Flash Baetis
Lawson’s Brown Drake Lawson’s Green Drake
Light Cahill Lingren’s Olive
Longtail March Brown Marabou Nymph
March Brown Nymph Near Enough
Mayfly Emerger Olive Filoplume Mayfly
Olive Kaufmann’s Hare’s Ear Ostrich Blue Wing Olive
Ostrich Callibaetis Ostrich Pale Morning Dun
Otter Pale Morning Dun
Pale Morning Dun Emerger Paraleptophlebia Nymph
Paranymph Callibaetis PMD Floating Nymph
PMD Trailing Shuck Dun Quill Gordon
Red Brown Rust/Brown SRI CDC Emerger
Scott’s Floating Nymph Skip Nymph Dark
Sulphur Dun Nymph Sulphur Dun Nymph
Sulphur SRI CDC Emerger Timberline
Velma May Western Blue Quill Nymph
White/Black SRI CDC Emerger Wiggle Gray Drake
Wiggle Green Drake CDC Emerger