Saltwater Fishing Fly Patterns

Fly fishing in the oceans of the world has been called the last frontier of Fly Fishing. There are so many different species of fish and so many different ways to catch them, you can spend your life and never leave your back yard.

That is if you are fortunate enough to live close to one of the oceans or seas of the world.

Until recently nobody thought about fly fishing in Saltwater. Now there are special flies and special equipment being produced for that purpose.

Every year there is some new development in the equipment and technique for Saltwater fly fishing.

Most of the fly patterns for fishing in Saltwater tend to be larger and have bright colors.

Some of the most popular Saltwater Fishing Fly Patterns are;

Yucatan Special Crazy Charlie Tan
George Bush Gold And Brown Shrimp
Mini Shrimp Tan Agent Orange
Mini Shrimp Orange Krystal Flash Charlie
Crazy Yellow Horror
Arbona’s Shrimp Crazy Charlie Pink
Tan Marabou Shrimp Yellow Marabou Shrimp
Bonefish Special Mini Puff
White Sands Pink Sands
Snapping Shrimp Honey Shrimp
Anderson’s McCrab Swimming Crab Tan
Salt Crab Swimming Crab Olive
Ultra Shrimp Mother Of Epoxy
Motivator Pink Epoxy Charlie
Pink Shrimp Salt Shrimp
Black Deceiver Palolo Worm
Surf Percher Surf Leech
Bonefish Bugger Surf Candy
Candy Eel Krystal Flash
Shewey’s Streaker Bait Salty Beady Eye
Apte II Black And Orange
Orange And Grizzly Stu Apte
Whitlock’s Baitfish Blue Death
Tarpon Glo Orange Tarpon Glo Green
Tarpon Taker Yellow Tarpon Taker White
Deceiver Cockroach Deceiver Green White
Deceiver Red Yellow Deceiver Blue White
Abel Anchovy Bend Back Yellow
Bend Back Blue Pink Keel Bugger
Jettie Junkie Whistler Orange Black
Redfish Fly Sea Ducer
Redfish Orange Whistler Red White
Streaker Tropical Punch
Lime Punch Bunny Blennie
Big Fish Fly Deceiver Blue White
Glass Minnow