Steelhead Fishing Fly Patterns

Steelhead are the large ocean going cousins of the Rainbow Trout. The Steelhead are born in fresh water and then migrate to the oceans for 3 to 4 years. To spawn, they return to their birthplace and unlike the Salmon, they do not all die after spawning.

The Steelhead is the ultimate game fish and can be found in the big rivers in the West and the tributaries of the Great Lakes.

The fly patterns that are used to catch Steelhead are usually wet flies, although there are a few dry fly patterns tied to imitate Stone Flies, or Caddis Flies.

Most of the Steelhead Patterns are colorful creations that seem to annoy the fish, causing them to attack the fly.

It is believed by some that the Stone Fly Female is imprinted on the Steelhead when it is young as a food source, and even though the Steelhead does not feed after entering fresh water, it has been caught on Stone Fly Dry Fly Patterns.

Some Steelhead Fishing Fly Patterns are;

Albino Muddler Autumn Gold
Autumn Skies Autumn Spey
Babine Special Badger Skater
Bella Coola Bomber Black And Golden
Black Heron Black Palmer
Brad’s Brat Brown Heron
Burlap Coal Car
Courtesan Cumming’s Special
Damselfly Del Cooper
Dicos Skater Disco Mouse
Dragon Fly Fall Bright
Fall Favorite Flashin Pat
Fluttering Termite Freight Train
Gold Heron Golden Demon
Grease Liner Green Butt Skunk
Grew’s Muddler Harry Kari Bucktail
Kalama Special Lemire’s Black Irresistible
Lemire’s Fall Caddis Marabou Red Tube
Marabou Spey Max Canyon
Maxwell’s Purple Matuka Moose Hair Caddis
Moose Turd October Caddis
October Wulff Orange Golden Edge
Orange Heron Orange Roughy
Orange Shrimp Otter Bar Purple
Paint Brush Patricia
Patriot Pink Marabou Spider
Pink Sundowner Polar Gibson
Polar Shrimp Polar Skater
Purple Muddler Purple Peril
Quillayute Red Ant
Red/Orange Marabou Spider Reiff Skunk
Ricks Revenge Rusty Bomber
Rusty Spider Shooting Star
Silver Admiral Silver and Black
Silver and Orange Silver Hilton
Skunk Skupade
Skykomish Sunrise Sol Duc
Sol Duc Dark Sol Duc Spey
Spawning Purple Spey Steelhead Bee
Steelhead Caddis Steelhead Coachman
Steelhead Macintosh Steelhead Silver Doctor
Stewart Stone Nymph Street Walker
Summer Spey Super Skunk
Thompson River Caddis Umpqua Red Brat
Umpqua Special Van Luven
Waddington Thunder and Lightning Wagoner’s Steelhead Skater
Washougal Olive Waller Walker
Water Ouzel Willie Gunn Tube
Winter Spey Winter’s Hope