Stonefly Nymph Wet Fishing Fly Patterns

Stoneflies have an incomplete life cycle and go from the Larva stage to the Adult stage. They can however stay in the Larva stage for up to 3 years, going through as many as 25 moults. The Stonefly Larva lives on the bottom of rivers and streams and sometimes among the rocks in lakes.

Although most Stonefly Nymphs are vegetarian, and live on the algae and vegetation of the stream bottom, some species are carnivorous.

These Stonefly species live mostly on mayfly and other insect larva.

Stonefly Nymphs are poor swimmers, preferring to crawl along the stream bottom or up on rocks and vegetation.

When they lose their grip they quite often become a handy snack for nearby trout.

A lot of fishermen have found that there is a relationship between Steelhead and the Stonefly. If you find hatches of Stoneflies when the Steelhead are running you will quite likely find Steelhead.

Some of the Stone Fly Nymph Fly Patterns include;

Anderson’s Brown Stone Bird’s Stone Nymph
Bitch Creek Box Canyon Stone
Brook’s Stone Brown Stone
Carriers Stone Dark Stone
Dionne’s Stone Early Brown Stone
Early Stone Golden Stone Nymph
Kaufmann’s Black Stone Kaufmann’s Brown Stone
Kaufmans Golden Stone Large Black Stone
Little Yellow Stone Matt’s Fur
Montana Stone Morristone
Peacock Matt’s Fur Pheasant Back Stone
Rubber Legs Brown Stone Rubber Legs Hare’s Ear
Rubber Legs Kaufmann’s Stone Stonefly Creeper
Ted’s Stone Whit’s Black Stone Nymph
Whit’s Golden Stone Nymph Yellow Stone Nymph