Streamer Bucktail and Sculpin Fly Patterns

Streamers are Wet Fishing Flies that imitate injured baitfish that trout and other larger fish eat. Most Streamers are larger than other fishing flies making them easier to see by fish that are looking for their next meal.

Streamers can be fished in any body of water. If you are fishing running water in streams, creeks, or rivers, cast the streamer into the stream, or river and let it sit in the current.

The current will give it action attracting any nearby fish. If fishing in a pond or lake, troll the streamer behind the boat, or float tube, letting the movement of the watercraft give the streamer action.

Streamers have been used for fishing in the UK for more than 200 years.

In the old days anglers that fished with streamers were known as streamer fishermen and not fly fishermen. The distinction was made that streamers imitated bait fish and not an insect.

Streamers are made traditionally from larger feathers of different birds and in the US were mostly tied in the East. Buck tails are tied from the hair from the tail of a deer. These flies are said to be originally tied and used in the West of the US.

Sculpin Fishing Flies imitate the sculpin fish that live in our ponds and lakes. There are over 300 species of sculpins, most of which live in salt water or stagnant lakes and ponds. They range all over North America, and into Russia and are one of the favorite foods of the Char family and of Burbot or fresh water Ling.

Some of the Streamer, Bucktail and Sculpin Fishing Fly Patterns include;

Allies Favorite Ballou Special
Black Ghost Black Krystal Flash Muddler
Black Marabou Black Marabou Muddler
Black Matuka Black Nose Dace
Black Woolhead Sculpin Black Zonker
Boss Muddler Bucktail Coachman
Bucktail Muddler Byford’s Natural Zonker
Byford’s Olive Zonker Chartruese Clauser Minnow
Colonel Bates Dace
Dark Angel Evening Shadow
Fiery Brown Golden Mickey
Golden Shiner Mighty Minnow Gray Ghost
Green Beauty Green Sides Minnow
Grizzly King Harris Special
Hen Back Matuka Janssen’s Rainbow Trout
Janssen’s Threadfin Shad Kennebago
Light Edson Tiger Light Spruce
Little Brook Trout Little Brown Trout
Little Rainbow Trout Mickey Finn
Muddler Minnow Multi Marabou Muddler
Olive Krystal Flash Muddler Olive Matuka
Olive Matuka Sculpin Olive Whit’s Sculpin
Olive Woolhead Sculpin Platte River Special
Purple Joe Red Throat Matuka
Sculpin Clauser Minnow Shad Mighty Minnow
Spuddler SRI Sculpin
Supervisor Tetherow Minnow
Thunder Creek Rainbow Trout Thunder Creek Silver Shiner
Troth Bullhead White Marabou Muddler
Yellow Marabou Muddler Yellow Marabou Spruce
Zonker Wingcase Damsel