Terrestrial Fly Patterns

Terrestrial Fly Patterns are the Dry Flies that are tied to imitate all of the insects that are found on the ground along the edges of the streams, rivers and lakes that we fish.

These insects include all of the beetles, ants, grasshoppers, cicadas, crickets, spiders and any other bugs that you find in your area.

Most of the terrestrials that end up in the water are either shaken off of the nearby vegetation or are carried out over the water by the wind.

Take a look along the shoreline next time you go fishing and see if you can see any bugs. If you see anything moving, tie on an imitation of that bug and try your luck. The trout will love it, especially if it is windy.

Henry’s Fork Hopper Jacklin’s Hopper
Joe’s Hopper Parachute Hopper
Aussi Hopper Rubber Legs Henry’s Fork Hopper
MacHopper Pheasant Leg Hopper
Dave’s Hopper Clarks Hopper
Walnut Caterpiller Letort Cricket
Hair Cricket Cicada
Dry Woolly Worm Letort Hopper
Meadow Grasshopper Green Cicada
Elk Hopper Spruce Moth
Black Beetle Foam Beetle
Dave’s Japanese Beetle Beetle
Inchworm CDC Flying Ant
Brown Flying Ant Autumn Ant
Carpenter Ant Orange Deer Hair Bee
Black Deer Hair Ant CDC Ant
Carpenter Ant Black Fur Ant
Black CDC Ant My Beetle
Green Leaf Hopper Jassid
CDC Peacock Beetle CDC Cinnamon Ant