Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou


The woodland caribou is a heavy set Deer with large feet and rounded hoofs. All mail and more than half of the females have antlers. Semi palmated with one prominent brow tine dow over the nose. Beams of antlers are flattened. Body color of Caribou is chocolate brown with white neck and rump. Greyish white on belly. In winter their coat is paler.


The caribou are generally found in two areas in Alberta. The Alberta rocky mountain foothills, North of Jasper Park and Northeastern Alberta along the Athabasca drainage. They are also found in the Mountainous foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Northern British Columbia.


Caribou bulls are polygamous and command harems of as many as 30 cows. Although fewer cows per harem is the rule. Breeding occurs in October single births are normal and calves are born in June.


Summer diet is grass, shrubby alpine vegetation. In winter the caribou turns to browse, mosses and lichen.


The Alberta woodland caribou falls into two groups or categories. The true woodland caribou for one, and the other, the rocky mountain caribou of the foothills. Dark body color with white neck mane and long, erect  and forward projecting antlers with palmate brow tines distinguish this ungulate from other members of the deer family. 

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