Ruffed Grouse

What to Do With a Grouse

Make Grouse Stew. Every year many hunters enjoy the sport of bird hunting and their primary target is the Grouse. According to Wikipedia there are about 24 different species of Grouse in the world and the thing they all have in common is that if properly cooked they make an excellent meal. Since most Grouse …

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Pocket knife

Do You Carry A Knife?

Why Carry a Knife? People have been carrying knives since the beginning of time. The first knives were actually just sticks sharpened at the end and along one or two edges by running the stick on a rock and hardening it in a fire. These crude knives were used for protection from wild carnivours, and …

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Hunting Woods

Why Do You Hunt?

A lot of hunters don’t know how to answer when people ask “Why Do You Hunt”? The person asking the question is often not a fan of hunting, mostly because of the “horror” of killing an animal. This is commonly known as “Bambi Syndrome”. They have no concept of hunting, the knowledge that is needed …

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